About Us

Southern Tacticals Origins


Southern Tactical was founded 10 years ago with a dream of becoming the household name in importing and manufacturing firearms. The company started in a 1,000 sq-ft office building with only one employee, the founder Sydney Beasley, who worked countless hours building the company to what it is today.  Southern Tactical, which started out strictly as a small time GunBroker retail seller that specialized in small quantities of military surplus weapons, never would have expected to grow as rapidly as it has in the past few years. 


As of 2022, Southern Tactical now has 5 full-time employees that reside in a newly acquired 5000 sq-ft warehouse to expand and stream-line the Manufacturing and Import Divisions of the company.  Our Import and Wholesale division of Southern Tactical still reside in the office space where Southern Tactical was born, where we work around the clock to improve and bring you the best of the best in the world of Firearms.  We at Southern Tactical, specialize in importing hard-to-find surplus from around the world, manufacturing the rare and niche firearms gun finatics crave to own that we replicate as close to the original as possible, retailing our products on our website and GunBroker.com and finally, wholesale our products to other companies, such as: Atlantic Firearms.


As we continue to grow and expand, we look forward to all the big things that are to come, that we know will only further and cement Southern Tactical's name as the premier firearms importer/manufacturer in the Firearms Industry.  We welcome you to come and experience this awesome journey with us here at Southern Tactical!