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VZ 61 Pistol in .32 acp

VZ 61 Pistol in .32 acp. However we hope to soon offer in 9X18,380 ACP & .22LR. We build these up with all Czech Original parts kits with a US manufactured barrel. We then add a brand new US Receiver to complete the gun. Each gun is test fired with 30 rounds to insure accuracy and reliability. The gun is finished in VZ 2008 Durocoat which is very close to the original Finish. These are great to Form 1 and make a nice SBR. We also offer these as registered SBR rifles. All NFA Rules Apply.

Call for Price: 804-800-5180

VZ 61 Skorpion Pistol

VZ 61 Pistol- Southern Tactical.  This semi auto VZ 61 pistol is chambered in 32ACP and is made from an original Czech parts kit and uses an original New production Czech barrel and US receiver. They come with the original wood grip. These pistols have been test fired by Southern Tactical to ensure accuracy and reliability. Here is your chance to grab a cool and collectible VZ 61 pistol.

Call for Price: 804-800-5180

Galil SAR Pistol

The Galil SAR Pistol built by Southern Tactical is based off the Original Galil SAR from IMI in Israel. These pistols are built using Good Condition or better Miliary Surplus SAR parts. This Galil SAR pistol built uses a high quality Tortort Milled Receiver as the core of the pistol with a U.S. 13" barrel, threaded at 13mmx1 RH(same as the original from IMI). Each pistol ships with an original IMI 35 round metal magazine and an M4 Buffer tube adapter, for those that want to create an SBR(with BATFE Form1 Approval of course). Southern Tactical wanted these builds to look as close to the originals as possible and took the time to mark the receivers as they would have been marked in Israel, with Hebrew selector markings, as well as other receiver marking to mirror the originals. To top the builds off, these are finished with a durable Manganese Phosphate base finish with a black Teflon top coat. Please Note, Original parts may show usage character. Galils are designed to work best with .556 ammo.

Call for Price: 804-800-5180