Product Code: VZ 61 Skorpion Pistol
Call for Price: 804-800-5180

VZ 61 Pistol- Southern Tactical.  This semi auto VZ 61 pistol is chambered in 32ACP and is made from an original Czech parts kit and uses an original New production Czech barrel and US receiver. They come with the original wood grip. These pistols have been test fired by Southern Tactical to ensure accuracy and reliability. Here is your chance to grab a cool and collectible VZ 61 pistol.

VZ 61 Pistol- Southern Tactical 


Semi Automatic

4.5" Barrel

Wood Grip

Czech Original Parts Kit

Czech Original barrel New

Milled U.S. Receiver

Beautiful Black finish

1-10 Round Mag

2-20 Round Mags

1-Cleaning Kit

Leather Holster