Product Code: CETME Classic Rifle
Call for Price: 804-800-5180

The CETME Classic Rifle is made using an original Spanish Cetme parts kit coupled with a new US receiver & barrel and built by the skilled Southern Tactical team. The receiver is made with original German HK tooling & HK spec steel thickness. The barrel is a U.S. made Cetme C Nitride treated and threaded 5/8X24 & can fit a wide variety of muzzle devices and suppressors. These barrels have a 12 fluted chamber, are 18 inches long and are 1 in 10 twist.The wood has been cleaned and treated with linseed oil and shows great character adding to the unique appeal of this piece. This rifle has been refinished in a grey teflon and has been distressed to provide the Battlefield look. Original Spanish Cetme markings have been added to the left side of the receiver to complete the package. The rifle uses the Spanish military trigger group modified to semi auto to maintain originality. These rifles work best with excellent condition CETME Magazines, worn out Cetme mags or G3 mags may not perform well. Comes with (1) Cetme 20rd magazine with US made Floor-plate for 922r compliance. Each rifle has been test fired multiple times to ensure function and is backed up by a 1 year Southern Tactical warranty.
922R Parts- Barrel, Receiver, Charging Handle, Trunnion, Magazine Floor Plate, Flash Hider.

CETME Classic Rifle- Southern Tactical

7.62X51mm NATO/ .308

Semi auto

18" Fluted Chamber Barrel Nitride treated 

Threaded Muzzle 5/8X24 RH

1:10 Barrel Twist

Original Surplus Wood Refinished

Comes with 1 Cetme 20 round mag