Product Code: VZ 58 Rifle in 7.62X39
Call for Price: 804-800-5180

VZ 58 Rifle in 7.62X39. We build these up with all Czech Original parts kits with the original Chrome-lined Factory Czech barrels. We then add a brand new Tortort Receiver and CNC Warrior Trigger group and Muzzle Break. The muzzle Break is based on the original Czech design the barrel is 15.4” so by law the muzzle break is pin and welded. This gun is fully 922R compliant with any surplus magazines. Each gun is test-fired with 30 rounds to ensure accuracy and reliability. The gun is finished in VZ 2008 Durocoat which is very close to the original Finish.

Weight 2.91 kg (6.42 lb)


vz. 58 P: 845 mm (33.3 in)

vz. 58 V 845 mm (33.3 in) stock extended / 636 mm (25.0 in) stock folded

1,000 mm (39.4 in) with bayonet fixed

Barrel lengt h 390 mm (15.4 in)

Width • 57 mm (2.2 in) stock extended • 72 mm (2.8 in) stock folded

Height 255 mm (10.0 in)